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Krishna Janmashtami 2018 | Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

At a time when there was darkness prevailing over the globe about 4000 years ago, the people prayed the Almighty to relieve them from evils, pains, cruelty, and miseries asserted by antisocial elements. The prayers and holy activities resulted in the incarnation of a divine life on earth that was Little Krishna born to Devaki in the jail of Mathura. If you have visited Krishna Janma Bhumi at Mathura, you must have realized how difficult it would have been at that time because there was no light, electricity, air circulation, amenities when the little boy was born to Devaki. Hindus believe that Krishna was the Lord possessing all the strengths no one can defeat.

On the very day of his birth, he made use of his superpower and opened the jail doors, encouraged Vasudeva (his father) to move him out of jail, built way through overflowing Yamuna River in reaching Nandbaba's home in Gokul safely. The people christened Little Krishna with endearing names including Yashodanandan, Kanha, Gopal, Kanhaiya, Makhanchor, etc. right from the infant stage due to his superpower demonstrated in all walks of life; what our Rishis and Munis have described as Leelas.

The devotees of Lord Krishna either read the Leela Charitra and his teachings through Shrimadbhagwadgita. Lord Krishna grew up to become King Krishna who moved from Gokul to Mathura and later to Dwarka. It is said that Dwarka was a city built of gold which submerged under the sea over the years after Lord Krishna left for heavenly abode.

The journey of Lord Krishna right from birth to death spans little over 100 years. He was instrumental in winning the famous Mahabharata battle against the Kauravas depicting the win of good over bad. He was worshipped by all the sections of the society except the devils during that time. He crushed devils with his supernatural actions and freed the community from pestering given by them. His teachings through Shrimadbhagwadgita are being taught in educational institutions even today to get rid of negativity and make the people calm, composed, and satisfied. The path of love and affection carved by him provides lifelines to his devotees even today. Lord Krishna incarnated on Earth to cleanse the environmental, social, and political nuances.

In Gujarat and several other parts of India adjoining the Gujarat state, the people exchange their greetings by saying “Jay Shri Krishna” whenever they meet each other. Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami in the Hindu calendar month of Shravana of Krishna Paksha.

Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated as Janmashtami by people belonging to different castes and regions, especially Dwarka, Mathura, and Nathdwara, and worship him very fondly and spiritually till date. In 2018, Janmashtami will be celebrated on 2nd September followed by Janmashtami puja, fasting, and celebrations.